Feel Fabulous Fast Formula PDF guide

 Do overwhelm, anxiety or energy slumps get in the way of you feeling your best?

Learn a simple, 3 step tool to help reset and manage your energy, emotions and mind - especially through times of high stress or important transitions.

The Feel Fabulous Fast Formula will help you start to:

1. Enjoy more energy

2. Take control of overwhelm, anxiety and an overactive mind

3. Stay present and focused on what you CAN control

Feel Fabulous Fast HERE!

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A quick start PDF guide for busy driven women who need fabulous energy to lead their full life and ALL their projects, without sacrificing their own wellbeing.

Busy professionals, dynamic parents, entrepreneurs and business leaders - it doesn't matter who or what you lead. Though it matters to you that you do "all the things" well.

Why is it so challenging to feel the way you want to feel more often?

Frustratingly, our bodies, minds, life and those around us don't always behave the way we'd like them to!

The ripple effects of the pandemic likely had you reassess your priorities.

Yet putting those priorities into action isn't always easy.

So why is it so hard to manage and balance everyone else's needs and take great care of yourself?

You're super smart and know that sacrificing your health or dreams is not the solution.

This guide is for you if any of the following sound familiar:

  • You feel chronically time-short
  • You're physically and/or emotionally exhausted or stressed
  • Your body isn't looking or feeling how you would like it to - your hormones often seem on a rollercoaster
  • You're ready to grow or are craving something different
  • You would love to feel consistently energised and vibrant

"Thanks to Sally’s coaching my future goals are clear and achievable, and my life feels so much simpler, and more fun!

- Rachael, Teacher and Speaker, Geneva 

"Sally emphasizes achieving goals from being in a place where you enjoy them. This requires much deeper work ensuring that physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually things are balanced

- Daria, Engineer and Photographer Toronto

"As a self confessed go-getter who wants it all now - working with Sally has helped me reassess my priorities and become more mindful. She coaches with a mix of sensitivity and grace yet pushes beyond the surface to get to the real issues! 

- Minnie Von, TEDx Curator UK 


Ready to up level your energy and clarity to optimise your health, happiness AND success?

Meet your guide creator Sally Dibden

Sally Dibden is the founder of The Wellbeing Consultants, which specialises in supporting driven achievers to stay on great form through coaching, consulting and physiotherapy. Her clients and patients want to enjoy consistent health, happiness AND success at work, home and play, with balance, not burnout. This guide is the one of the tools she shares with them.

Sally is an holistic health, life and success coach, physical therapist and yogini. She has spent over 25 years supporting thousands of driven patients and clients across the world to work through challenges to be and feel their best. She has worked for the NHS and British military, as well as with those in corporate, professional sport or on the rollercoaster journey of being an entrepreneur or parent. She lives in France with her family between the Alps and Lake Geneva.

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