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Hey Superwoman! Want to escape overwhelm and feel on top of your game at work, home and play? 

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  • Feel consistently energised to achieve your ambitious goals, WITHOUT yo-yo'ing with energy, weight or anxiety.
  • Calm your mind to be able to focus, be present or switch off as desired.
  • Feel in control across ALL areas of your life AND feel the joy in them too!  

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3 FREE 3-minute videos for Busy, Driven Women:  

Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches,Teachers, Dynamic Mothers

You have many responsibilities and are insanely busy. You want it ALL. Yet you have high standards and you don't want to sacrifice your health, self or ambitions in the process.

  • You feel chronically time-short ... you know this isn't ideal for those you lead, your loved ones or yourself as you rarely feel at your 'best'. 
  • You would love to feel consistently energised so that you're able to achieve your ambitious goals with ease, yet don't particularly want, or have the time to live on green smoothies and spend hours in the gym. 
  • You're physically and/or emotionally exhausted or stressed - you're struggling with headaches, PMT or anxiety. Injuries, illness or poor sleep are creeping in. You're well en route to, or already in burnout. 
  • Your body isn't looking or feeling how you would like it to - increased weight? Declining fitness? Signs of ageing that have come earlier than anticipated...  
  • You're craving something different - there's something that needs to change, or grow. You're not necessarily sure what ... underneath you're starting to feel unfulfilled, unhealthy or unfit. 

" Sally picked up on things I had neglected for so long emotionally and gave great, easy-to-implement suggestions to help improve my diet and mindset which has left me feeling healthier and with more energy than ever before. She's fantastic at what she does!" - Kirtsy Carden, Branding Coach 


About The Wellbeing Consultants and CEO, Sally Dibden

Sally Dibden specialises in supporting dynamic, driven women worldwide to stay on top form. Her clients want to enjoy consistent success, happiness and fulfillment at work, home and play, with balanced hormones and without burning out. She has spent over 20 years working with high achievers in the Corporate and Entrepreneurial, Military, Health Service and Sporting Fields. 

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